MusicM studio

( Studio Double M music ministry, formerly 1992 - 2011 )

Exclusive Music Studio.

Conveniently located: city centre; trainstation and major facilities within walking distance; parking in front of the door.

A dream came true at this excellent location.

A studio with enough space for a band or group up to 10 musicians including instruments or a choir up to 30 singers.

Acoustically designed for a variety of styles, ranging from Jazz / Classical to Pop / Rock.

Flexible technical infrastructure so that customers can plug-in their own equipment.

Analog and Digital, the most common protocols are supported.

In technical sense, enough space also.


MusicM label

Since 2004

MusicM label is an independent (indie) label for the release of idealistic and unique media productions.

Our investment program offers also (new) talent the opportunity to reach a higher performance.

We make an investment after a positive assessment of your demo and/or presentation offered.

In addition, there are the quality and quantity requirments that are set.

Sent your demo en motivation to our postal adress.

december 2011

After 20 years we terminate the commercial company Studio Double M music ministry.

From 2012 activities are developed as a private initiative.

MusicM foundation interested parties are very welcome. 

(volunteers / board members, sponsors / donors, ditributor)





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