About me:

I was born in 1979 in a family where we made lots of music. I played keyboard from age 4, and later my dad tought me how to play the guitar. As a child I already started writing songs. When I was 16 years old, my mother passed away in a traffic accident. From that moment songwriting became my passion. By now I have written over 150 songs. The songs I write are about my personal life and a lot of people relate to my music. In the lyrics I speaks clearly about my relationship with God. The style of my music is pop music / ballads / gospel / worship.




Lene Marlin;
Nichole Nordeman;


Session musicians:

Nicci: Vocal; Guitar; Keyboard; Backing Vocal.

Corine Nagtegaal: Guitar.

Wouter Bakker: Piano.

Roelof A.: Equinox; drum & bass program.

Joanne van der Kolk: Keyboard; Backing Vocal; bass program.

Mark de Groot: Sax.

Sanne Hoogendoorn: Cello.

Daniel Danse: Bass.

Jan-Willem Nuis: Drum.

Ruben Albers: Drum.

Klaas Timmerman: Percussion.


Produced by: Roelof A.

A word of the producer:

In the past 20 years of working in the music industry, from assistant engineer to certified sound engineer, both sound-reinforcement and recording, Iíve met a lot of great musicians and artists.
In the last 5 years Iíve grown as producer.
The first time I met Nicoline, I was very impressed of her songs and her voice. It was a basic performance "Nicoline sing and play the guitar in a church". (Her own songs)
On 1 February 2003 was the celebration of my brand-new studio and Nicoline and her husband Wilfred pleasing us with visiting that day.
A few months later we make plans to produce a CD of the wonderful songs she wrote, more than 150 !!!Ö Sorry we must make a selectionÖ
With this CD, I want reach people like you and introduce the great song writing talent and beautiful voice of Nicoline.
Now Iím proud to present: Nicci - I need to be.

Roelof A.

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