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studio  incl. sound engineer            from  500,-- / day ( 75,-- / hour )
room 1 + 2 studio,  excl. engineer  from  300,-- / day ( 45,-- / hour )
session room 1,  excl. engineer     from  170,-- / day ( 25,-- / hour)
control room 2,  excl. engineer       from  250,-- / day ( 35,-- / hour )

rent minimum is 2 hours






studio gear is also available for rent separate. ask for price and terms

  DAW software

DAW hardware 

  Steinberg, Nuendo 5.5 + NEK 1x Steinberg, midex 8
  Steinberg, Groove Agent 2 + 3 1x MOTU, 2408 mkIII
  Steinberg, Virtual Bassist 1x AKAI, MPK 49, controller
  Steinberg, Halion 3 1x Custom silent PC, C2D,   3.0Mhz, 4G ram
  Steinberg, Wavelab 6 1x Custom silent PC, C2D,   3.3Mhz, 4G ram
  Abelton, Live 4x

LCD screen,  19",   21",    32" full HD




2x AKG, C 3000 2x Tannoy, Ellipse 8
2x AKG, C 4000 B 2x Tannoy, system 2
2x AKG, C 451 B 1x Marantz, model 140
1x AKG, C 414 B-XLS 1x Furman, HDS 6 
1x AKG, D 112 4x Furman, HR 6
4x AKG, C 418 4x Sennheiser, HD 205
2x Crown, PZM 30 D 1x

Sennheiser, HD 250 Linear II

2x DPA (Bruel&Kjaer), 4006 2x

Novanex, powergenerator LC 50

1x Shure, SM-57 1x SWR, LA series 12
1x Shure, SM-58 1x

Samsung, HT-XA 100T,  5.1 surround


mixer  recorder 
1x Tascam, DM-24 version 3.0. 1x Tascam, DA-30 mkII, DAT
complete with: meter bridge and firewire. New display and powermodule. 1x Tascam, TSR-8, Tape 8 track 1/2 inch     complete with Tascam, MTS-1000, remote/synchronizer
1x Tascam, DM-4800 version 1.7.    
complete with: meter bridge; firewire; high resolution analog I/O and ADAT options    


FX outboard  HiFi audio 
1x Yamaha, SPX-2000, reverb 1x Technics, RSB-605, cassette deck
1x Lexicon, PCM92, reverb 1x Technics, SL-P 990, CD player
1x Roland, GP-8, effect + FC-100 controller 1x Technics, SL-Q 210, turntable
1x Technics, SU-Z 25, amplifier


music intruments  music intruments 
1x Yamaha, Custom Stage Standard, drumkit 4xtom 1x SGC, Bass collection, SB 300 series
1x GEM, Equinox, 88 key, synth 1x Bruce Wallace, acoustics gitar, hand crafted
1x Roland, EXR-7s, 76 key, arranger 1x Rockson, e-gitar, model fender
1x Zimmermann, Piano 1x tambourine
4x egg shakers



Studio Floor Plan

Mixer Summary

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